Sunday, December 10, 2017

A Saturday Morning at the Rink...Random Shots

Saturday, December 9th was another busy, hectic morning at the rink.  We arrived at 8:30 and left around 2:00.  The Kawartha Komets had two practices and then we played two games against the Grandravine Tornadoes.  Another typical "day at the rink"...for the most part.  Here are some random shots of our staff and players.  Such a great group of people!
Goaltenders getting instruction from our excellent volunteers

Coach Jeff Braithwaite with Meteors player Stone Shearer

Alexander, Sophia and Miryam Buchahim

Colin Gillis-Bateman getting some pointers from Alex Darmonkow

Jacob Zitman

Cory Brown, Volunteer Marcus Rice and Jacob Zitman

Saturns Coach Kevin Smith with Ethan Nunn

Galaxy Coaches, Jeff Braithwaite and Jeff Botuik, with their players

Co-ordinator of Coaching, Brian Brown with "the two Jeffs"

Brian Brown, trainer Taylor Russell, Jeff Braithwaite and Jeff Botuik

Robert McGregor, Saturns Goalie, returns for a visit after kidney transplant

Timekeeper, Audrey Clarkson

Komets facing off against the Grandravine Tornadoes

Post game congratulations!!!

Our amazing referee, Bob Sinclair

Coach Kevin Smith with Saturns player Alexander Buchahim

Meteors player Thomas Brown scores on a penalty shot!

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