Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Looking for Sponsor

Kawartha Komets in need of sponsors to overcome financial challenges

Program aims to keep fees low for already burdened parents of special needs children

By MIKE DAVIES Examiner Sports Director

The Kawartha Komets are facing financial challenges.
It's been an exhausting experience for David and Carol Fisher to pound the pavement each year raising funds to keep the special needs hockey team on the ice and in equipment. They’re about $2,600 short of covering their 2011-12 costs.
Since starting the team three years ago, the Fishers have tried to hold the line on registration costs for the now 45 team members.
David Fisher says their fees are half of normal minor hockey registration in recognition that many families of special needs children have extra expenses for alternative medicine, therapy or schooling, or only one parent earning a paycheque as the other is home caring for their child.
“We wanted to be inclusive,” Fisher said. “Anybody with any challenge can come and join the Komets.”
“We’re really hoping to find a corporate sponsor,” said Carol Fisher. “There are so many wonderful service organizations in Peterborough who do such great work and they fundraise like crazy.
“For us, we have to go out to speak to 10 to 15 of these groups each year and that's a lot for us to do and also run the team. If we had a corporate sponsor it would really free us up to do other things. We would really like to grow this team. We know there are people out there who want to play but we somehow have to alleviate some of the work we do with the fundraising.”
She says $10,000 would solve their problems.
“Our budget is not huge,” she said. “We've done our best to provide equipment for anyone who cannot afford equipment. Last year we outfitted 14 kids and this year 12. That’s pretty much from top to bottom.
“We've done that through places which have discounted equipment severely or through donations or garage sales. We're almost out of equipment.”
Fisher thinks it would be a great opportunity for a local business to get exposure with their name on the Komets jersey.
“We are often in the news,” she said.
Anyone interested in sponsorship, donating equipment or coaching can contact the Fishers at 705-750-0655

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