Saturday, November 20, 2010

Newmarket Nighthawks

The Newmarket Nighthawks provided the opposition as the Kawartha Komets continued their winning ways on Saturday at the Evinrude Centre. The Komets took both the Junior and Intermediate/Senior games.

But even though the Komets are undefeated, we want to stress something that's very important. Winning isn't everything for the Komets. It's great to win but...the most important aspect of Special Hockey International is that the players have FUN...LOADS OF FUN...and that they feel welcomed, affirmed, important and special.

Our games have been VERY entertaining! It's exciting hockey! We are seeing the skill levels improving but, again, we are most excited to see the camaraderie that is building between players, coaches, volunteers, parents and families.

If you haven't been out to the Evinrude to catch a're missing something! See you next Saturday as we take on the Grandravine Tornadoes.

Blaze, Komets, Blaze!

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