Tuesday, April 9, 2019


The Kawartha Komets Special Needs Hockey Program just completed our 10th Anniversary Season with four teams and welcomed 16 new players and families.

We wish to thank our committed staff and volunteers for their efforts this season.  Many thanks to the families and caregivers who made sure that their hockey players got to the rink every weekend.  THANK YOU to all the players who gave their best every weekend.  Many thanks to our Board of Directors who served the organization so well.  

We are very grateful to our primary sponsor, Mary McGee, for her generous, ongoing support.  Thanks to Gary Holbrook from Hobies Sports for being an amazing Associate Sponsor.  Thank you, Austin Trophies, for designing our 10th Anniversary pins and medals.  We appreciate everything that National Sports does for our organization, families and players.  You always treat us well and your Association Support Program is great.

A big THANK YOU to all the out-of-town teams who travel quite a distance to Peterborough to play the Komets.  We appreciate your willingness to come to us.

Thanks to the incredible referees who came out week after week to officiate our games.  Thanks to the many businesses, service clubs, organizations and individuals who made significant donations to make the Komets program such a success.  

A big thank you to the City of Peterborough for your $7,500 Community Investment Grant and to the Community Foundation of Greater Peterborough, the Moustache Fund, for your $2,350 grant.  Thank you to the CN Railroaders for your $500 grant in recognition Kevin Smith's service with CN.  Kevin is a Komets coach, board member, trainer and Co-ordinator of Volunteers.

Thank you, Dave Haacke and Jim Parkes, from DNS Real Estate Limited Brokerage for your recent donation of $400.

Thank you, Dave Smith...our local MPP...for your ongoing support of special needs hockey.

Our sincere thanks to the amazing staff at the Evinrude Centre who make sure every Saturday that we have everything we need. 

We are sincerely grateful to everyone who made Season # 10 the best year ever!  

The Komets were BLAZING!!!

Thank you, Bonnie Edwards, for these incredible team photos.  You were a pleasure to work with.  Check out Bonnie's web site at www.bephoto.ca

SATURNS our Junior team 

The GALAXY, our Intermediate # 1 team

The METEORS, our Intermediate # 2 team

The PHOENIX, our Senior team

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