Sunday, May 7, 2017

Sweet Bottoms Cafe and the Kawartha Komets

Back in early February the Kawartha Komets Special Needs Hockey Program received the proceeds from the Inaugural Snowshoe Race in Fenelon Falls sponsored by Snowshoe Kawartha. The owner of Sweet Bottoms Cafe in Fenelon Falls wanted to support a cause that was "making a difference". Three Komets players hailed from Fenelon Falls and Wayne Jolly, owner of Sweet Bottoms. and David Robinson from Snowshoe Canada chose the Kawartha Komets.

The Komets are very grateful that they chose us and we appreciated the generous donation that came to our special needs hockey program.

Please drop in to Sweet Bottoms Cafe when you're in Fenelon Falls and tell others about this little gem. The best coffee around!

THANK YOU, Wayne Jolly and David Robinson!

Kawartha Komets player Brenden Hnatiak won 1st place in his division.

Check out the Sweet Bottoms web site by clicking here!


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