Saturday, July 16, 2016

A Great Opportunity...For Our Community

Bailey Gibson, Roberto Alomar, Spencer Oakes, Justin Monk & John Clark
As many of you know, Carol and I are helping out with a new venture here in Peterborough.
Peterborough Challenger Baseball, our local chapter, was launched by a local man, Bernie Daynes, and the program is being convened by Anita Flynn.  

Several of our Kawartha Komets board members, volunteers and players are involved and we’re enjoying this experience very much. 

Bernie submitted a proposal to the GoEasy Community Project after Canadians were encouraged to submit a project for a chance to win up to $50,000 and transform their community! Here’s what Bernie Daynes and Peterborough Challenger Baseball are proposing to do should we get the most votes.  This information is taken from the GoEasy Community Program web site:

Project Description

Peterborough Challenger Baseball provides a formalized opportunity for special needs children and youth to participate in the game of baseball. Special Needs children and youth of all abilities are assisted and supported by a host of volunteers as they play. The players belong to a league, play on a team, in uniforms and on a real marked baseball diamond. Players with mobility challenges are aided by buddies who help them at bat, running or rolling the bases, and while playing in the field. Parents, family and friends gather on the sidelines cheering and encouraging all of the players. Our project is to create a dedicated baseball diamond for the league, where the facilities are designed and suited for all levels of ability, where the surfaces are soft and safe allowing wheelchairs and walkers to be pushed without difficulty.

How would $50,000 benefit the project

The $50,000.00 prize would be used to help fund the building of an all access baseball diamond, with rubberized base paths, and home plate area. The all access base paths and home plate area would allow participants in the Peterborough Challenger Baseball League the opportunity to safely run, have their wheelchairs operated or pushed, and players using walkers or crutches have the chance to walk on a surface that is supportive and safe to do so. This surface will be unaffected by weather, or landscaping degradation due to drought, rain of frost heaving during the winter.

About the Community

Peterborough is a vibrant and caring community located in the Kawartha Lake region of Ontario. The Challenger Baseball program was welcomed and supported by the community this year without reservation. Our baseball league has created friendships, smiles, tears of joy and memories to last a lifetime for the players, the parents and our proud supporters. Each week during our first season more and more members of the community come out to cheer on our players. The local special needs community has been more than excited to finally see their children playing an organized sport, where fun comes first and competition means the score is measured in smiles.

Peterborough Challenger Baseball was one of the top 10 finalists and now have reached the top 3.  Now it's your turn to get involved!Please click on this link and then vote for the middle project of the three which is entitled… All access baseball for our wonderful players.  Voting is very easy and can be done often. If we should win this contest, the proposed baseball diamond would be used not only for Peterborough Challenger Baseball but for other local groups that would benefit from this type of baseball diamond.

Thank you for your co-operation and support.  Together we can make this happen.  
For the good of the kids,  
David Fisher
Kawartha Komets 
Director of Promotions, Communications and Media Relations


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