Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Historic Evening for Baseball in Peterborough

NOTE:  We post Peterborough Challenger Baseball events on the Kawartha Komets web site as many of our hockey players also signed up for this new league in Peterborough.  They are loving it!


Tonight was an historic evening for baseball in Peterborough. It was the first time that a PBA (Peterborough Baseball Association) team and a special needs baseball team had been on the field together here in Peterborough. 

The Peterborough Senior Rookie Tigers, fresh from winning the Clarington Classic International Tournament on the weekend (they were 5-0), joined the Peterborough Challenger Baseball players at Turner Park, serving as buddies to our players. It was heartwarming and tear jerking at the same time. Watching the young Tigers ballplayers encourage the Challenger players, walking with them to their positions in the field and running the bases with them was an incredible experience. 

Longtime local sports announcer and a great athlete himself, Gary Dalliday, was on hand and loved what he saw. 

This was week # 5 for Peterborough Challenger Baseball, an unforgettable and historic evening for everyone present...and there was a big crowd on hand. 

The Peterborough Senior Rookie Tigers after their tournament win in Clarington
The "Meeting of the Minds" before the game.

An incredible experience for both ballplayers!

Come on out next Wednesday to enjoy a great ballgame.


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