Saturday, June 21, 2014

Miracle Boy Owen Sherry Celebrates His 8th Birthday!

Owen Sherry
Robert McGregor (who is blind) with Owen and Shane Marshall
One of our Jack McGee Kawartha Komets Special Needs Hockey Program parents, Shelley Wilson Sherry, posted the following comments concerning her son Owen who celebrated his 8th birthday today:

"8 years ago today, our lives forever changed. I never knew real pain before that day. Never knew real heart break. Never felt so numb. Since that day, I have never prayed so hard, believed so much or really knew true joy. 8 years ago today, Owen was born. Owen barely survived that trip to Sick Kids. The day was a blur when I think back now. I can't even remember how many times his life was brought back to us. I can't even begin to count the miracles in his life since that day. His day of birth was no celebration. 8 years later, wow, do we have so very much to celebrate! Owen has taught me so much! His stubbornness and determination have brought him to this day! He is so full of life and joy and makes my heart whole! Forever grateful.....feeling so ever blessed!"

Today we asked Shelley to comment on the first few days/weeks of Owen's life, relating the life-threatening struggles that he faced.

Shelley responded with the following statement:

"Owen was born full term after a healthy pregnancy. As soon as he was born we knew something was wrong. He was sent to the special care nursery and Sick Kids were notified. A team of angels from Sick Kids arrived and worked on stabilizing him for hours before it was safe enough for him to make the trip to Toronto. He had numerous heart defects and a collapsed lung. A one day old, he had a balloon catherization to stabilize him. When he was 2 days old we sat with a roomful of surgeons to go over our choices. One was a series of surgeries, none of he doctors thought this would work. Two was listing him for a heart transplant. Three was compassionate care and say our goodbyes. Without hesitation we started the process to list him for transplant. He was officially listed at 5 days old. Owen remained in the critical care unit at the hospital for Sick Children. He was muscle relaxed, sedated and on life support. During the wait it was hour by hour wondering if he would survive. Every minute that passed was a miracle. Owen waited only 22 days for his new heart. His gift of life. His only chance at surviving. Today on his 8th birthday, Owen is full of energy and loves life! We are forever grateful to his donor family!"

Owen truly is a miracle boy and we thank God for giving him a wonderful 8th birthday today!

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  1. Such a brave boy! My son was also invited to a kid’s birthday party in one of the Chicago venues. The kid was also a fighter. We all were there to celebrate his day and he enjoyed a lot. My son is a very good friend of his and they both spend a lot of their time together.