Tuesday, April 29, 2014

City Announces Kawartha Komets as Official Flag Bearers...Again

Kawartha Komets Lead the Way in 2013 Canada Day Parade
Michael Brioux and James Cole
Last summer our Jack McGee Kawartha Komets proudly bore the flags of Canada, the provinces, territories and our city in the Canada Day Parade.  

They must have done a great job because we've been asked to fulfil that duty again.

Julie Chatten and Dave Ronson from the Parade Committee
This morning the Komets were invited to participate in the Press Conference, held at the Galaxy Cinema, where the flag bearers and the theme for this year's parade were announced.

The theme will be "Peterborough Serves".  Our Senior players James Cole and Michael Brioux were on hand along with Carol & David Fisher for the unveiling of the banner/theme!

Michael Brioux & James Cole with Mayor Daryl Bennett

Thank you, City of Peterborough, for asking us to participate again in this very tangible way!


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