Saturday, November 19, 2011

My Own Jersey With My Name On It

Peter Dykstra
There's nothing quite like putting on a hockey jersey with YOUR name on it for the first time.  It signifies that you REALLY are a part of the team.

That's how Kawartha Komets' rookie Peter Dykstra felt this morning at the Douro Community Centre and Arena.  Peter got to put on his # 23 jersey with DYKSTRA on the back for the 1st time.

As convernors of the Komets Carol and I are just as excited as the kids are when we see the progress they are making.  What a difference from one week to the next!  We have a great bunch of rookies on the Junior team this season and they are surprising all of us with their weekly improvement.

Keep up the great work guys and girls!  Yes, I said "girls"!  We have two girls on the team this season.  Megan Chatterton and Tamara Brown have donned the red, white and blue Komets colours.

Exciting stuff!

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this! Peter is certainly enjoying his experiences with the Kawartha Komets and really is thrilled to have a jersey with his own name. It's wonderful that he can be part of such a fantastic team!