Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Great Sense of Belonging

Every so often we get feedback from some of our Kawartha Komets "family" that really encourages us to keep doing what we've started.  

Carol and I share the following comments from one of our parents not because we want any accolades for ourselves but because this is what Kawartha Komets hockey is all about. 
A parent writes:

"I think what _______ has gotten the most of from hockey is a great sense of belonging.  At school, although he blends in better than most kids on the hockey teams, his "strange" behaviours and repetitive movements etc. make him stand out and the other kids are always commenting on it in a negative way and he is often excluded from birthday parties, games of tag etc.  No one at hockey judges him or makes him feel "different" in a negative sense.  He is different in a group of different.  He really enjoys this sense of belonging.  It has become a refuge for positive social interactions.  It is very hard to teach social skills to a child who does not understand the basic concepts of them and then when they begin to and try to use these skills they are shot down, teased or bullied.  Thanks to you and David for having this hockey team and giving him an opportunity to belong to such a wonderful community.  I hope that the parents of the newest members will be able to see all that the Komets have to offer and their children will be able to thrive like ________ has."

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