Sunday, August 28, 2011

13 Easy Steps to $5,000

Thanks for voting for the Kawartha Komets video submission entitled "Bringing Visability to Disability".  We have until midnight on Wednesday, August 31st to vote.

Some of our friends have said they are having trouble voting.  We need your votes so we will make these instructions as simple as possible.

Here's what you need to do:

1.  Go to the site.
2.  Click on the VIEW & VOTE icon.
3.  On the VIEW & VOTE page, click on the Kawartha Komets entry entitled "Bringing Visability to Disability".
4.  Click on "VOTE FOR IT" in the "VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE" box.  (Be sure you've clicked on our video and it is showing up in the big viewing screen above the other choices).
5.  Two choices will show up on the screen.  "Sign up" or "log in".
6.  If you haven't already registered, click on "Sign up".
7.  On the next screen you will see the title REGISTER TO ENTER on the left side of the page.
8.  Please complete the following categories:
    DISPLAY NAME:  (Use a nickname or whatever name you want to show up...if you leave a comment. It must have at least 4 characters).
    PASSWORD:  Create you own password
    CONFIRM PASSWORD:  Re-enter your chosen password
    VERIFICATION:  Enter the characters exactly as you see them.
Be sure to click the "I agree to the Rules" box.
9.  Click on the CREATE icon.
10.  On the right side of the page enter the e-mail address that you used on the left side.
11.  Enter your entered on the left side.
12.  Click on LOG IN.
13.  Click on VOTE FOR IT.

NOTE:  You can vote every day but only once.  Several family members can vote but each one has to register with a different e-mail address and password.

If one family member votes and then another wants to vote, you must click on the LOG OUT or LOG OFF icon on the top right side of the screen before another person can vote.

Please e-mail us or phone us at (705) 750-0655 if you have any questions.

Thank you for voting and showing your support of the Kawartha Komets Special Needs Hockey Program.

On behalf of the players,

David & Carol Fisher
The Kawartha Komets

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