Monday, July 4, 2011

Johnathon Clark...Our Hero

Johnathon Clark
One of our very special Kawartha Komets players, Johnathon Clark, will be having brain surgery on August 9th @ 11:00 a.m.  He has a brain tumour that is growing and needs to be removed.  They do not know if it is cancerous or not. This will be a very delicate procedure and Johnathon and his parents, Tim and Judi, would value your prayers.

At times like these the Kawartha Komets are truly "family" and we "come together" to support "one of our own".

Johnathon is such a great, young player and we really enjoy having him on our Kawartha Komets Junior teamJohnathon has expressed his concern to his parents more than once and really hopes that he will still be able to play hockey.  We certainly hope that he will be back with us in the fall...better than ever.

So, please pray for Johnathon, Tim and Judi and Johnathon's sister, Courtney. Please let them know that you really care.

Standing together with ALL of our Kawartha Komets family,

David & Carol Fisher and all our coaches, volunteers, parents and players!


  1. Thanks Dave we have already started receiving well wishes or Johnathon Thank you

  2. This is Sam (# 28) from California.
    It was a pleasure playing with you during the tournament Johnathon!!!!
    Hope you get well soon!!!

  3. Johnathon would like to thank you Sam and he also a pleasure playing hockey with you as well