Thursday, April 16, 2009

Jim Gregory Friendship Tournament 2009

Carol and I attended the Opening Ceremonies for this year's Special Hockey International Tournament hosted in Toronto by the Grandravine Tornadoes. What an emotional experience!

The Opening Ceremony was MC'd by Joe Bowen, the play-by-play voice of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Former NHLer and Hall of Famer Dick Duff was also present as was David Branch, Commissioner of the Ontario Hockey League.

One of the Grandravine Tornadoes (pictured) gave a tear-jerking speech and he closed by saying that "off the ice we all have challenges but on the ice we are all SUPERSTARS!" So true!

We're heading back to Toronto early Friday morning for more games. Matthew played goal for the first game of the Don Mills Diamonds and played on a forward line for the second game.

Next year we will see banners for The Kawartha Komets. Tonight Carol attended a meeting for all team leaders.

More later.

P. S. Thanks for the phone calls and e-mails concerning the Komets. Keep them coming!

Note: The pictured team is the The Werewolves of London (London, England that is)

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