Thursday, February 18, 2021

CN Railroaders in the Community & the Kawartha Komets

The Kawartha Komets Special Needs Hockey Program recently received a donation of $1,704.10 through the CN Railroaders in the Community initiative.  Our Coordinator of Volunteers, Kevin Smith, is a retired pensioner with CN Rail and, as such, he is eligible to participate in this program.

Here is a summary of this opportunity taken from their web site:

CN Railroaders in the Community

A spirit of caring

We are proud of the hundreds of CN employees, their families, and pensioners who give generously of their time to local causes through our CN Railroaders in the Community program. They are part of the fabric of the many cities, towns and villages across our entire North American network, helping to make their communities better places to live and work.

CN supports their efforts, by providing rewards to the organizations where our CN railroaders volunteer. The rewards encourage a spirit of caring and support our railroaders’ endeavours to make a difference in their communities.

For every hour that a retiree puts in as a volunteer, CN Railroaders in the Community will donate $15.00 per hour to a maximum of $2,250.00 per year (150 hours). 

Due to COVID-19, Kevin’s hours were reduced as we haven’t been on the ice since March 2020.  Still, with all of Kevin’s hours spent at the rink, in board meetings and at last year’s tournament, we received a donation of $1,704.20 with an additional $100.00 coming in March. In a non-COVID year we could easily receive the maximum of $2,350.00 based on Kevin’s volunteer hours.

Prior to this year, CN Railroaders in the Community donated $500. a year in honour of Kevin’s volunteer service.

We are grateful to CN Railroaders in the Community for offering this program and to Kevin Smith for the many volunteer hours that he devotes to the Komets.  Thank you, Kevin!

Please click on the link below for a Railroad Safety Quiz.  It won’t take long and it’s very interesting…and IMPORTANT.  I did it and it was fun and informative.  For all players, parents, caregivers and volunteers…please check it out. Better to be SAFE…than sorry!

CN Railroaders in the Community are committed to the safety or everyone and want you to be aware of these safety tips:

Rail Safety Tips

1 ● Speed misperception…Because of their size, trains appear to be much farther away and travelling much slower than their actual speed. Don’t be fooled!

2 ● Trains can’t stop quickly…The average train needs at least 2 km to stop. Trains can stop, but they can’t stop quickly!

3 ● Trespassing…Taking a shortcut across the tracks or being on railway property is illegal, and trespassers can be seriously injured or killed.

4 ● Weight ratio…An average freight train weighs over 5,500 tonnes. Compare that to a car, which weighs about 1.5 tonnes. A train hitting a car is like a car hitting a pop can.

5 ● Railway cars…Stopped railway cars can move at any time. If you’re on one or near one when it moves, you could lose a limb—or worse, your life.

6 ● Tunnels and bridges…Tunnels, bridges, and trestles are designed only for trains. Trespassers can be seriously injured or killed.

7 ● Overhang…Trains can carry loads that are wider than the railroad cars themselves. They can have chains, straps or other equipment that may extend outside the car. If you are standing too close, you could get hit.

8 ● Any time is train time…Trains do not always run on schedule. They can run at any time, on any track and come from either direction.

9 ● CN police number…Together we can help save lives! If you witness any unsafe situation near a railroad, please call 1-800-465-9239.

10 ● Safety pledge…Act today. Take the pledge at

Please stay well, stay strong and stay SAFE…everyone!

David / Director of Promotions, Communications and Media Relations



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